About Me

Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer

Raaga Babe is a singer, songwriter, and music composer who presents an Indo-American fusion of styles that transcend genres, eras and cultures. Born in India, she moved to the USA as a three year-old. Outside the recording studio or stage, she is known as Ramya to her family and friends and as Dr. Mishra or Dr. Jariwala to her patients. She started learning raagas even before she started elementary school and delved into the intricacies of choral, jazz, contemporary and pop music in high school. While at UPenn, as a member of the university’s premier South Asian female a cappella group ‘Atma’, her own soul began its unending journey into the world of fusion music. Later on, while pursuing her MD, her left brain was entrenched in medical studies, but her right brain never took a breather from melodies. Currently, in the COVID-19 pandemic, Raaga Babe is diligently working on the frontlines as a pediatrician and at the same time she hopes to entertain and bring the magic of her music to millions of music lovers across the world. She was crowned the winner in Mrs India Oregon beauty pageant in 2018.

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