April 25, 2020

Raaga Babe’s latest album ‘FU$!ON’ has 8 tracks, each with their own flavors and moods but all united by her characteristic brand of fusion. Each track is a catchy mashup of popular English & Hindi songs that are seamlessly melded in her mellifluous voice. Raaga Babe has sprinkled Easter eggs throughout each track – songs that can be distinguished and appreciated upon each subsequent listen. She accents her sound design with notes of nostalgia, textures her vocals with a sense of lushness, and induces harmony in the striking transitions. Each track represents a heartfelt tribute to the songs contained therein and yet you find a playfully fresh take on the songs in each, making the FU$!ON album endlessly playable. Raaga Babe can be found in her true element amongst these trailblazing tracks.

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